Guy gets on TARC bus on Bardstown Rd shoots 2 people, killing 1 guy!

Louisville Metro Police said the two men shot and killed 17-year-old Rico Robinson at a bus stop on Goldsmith Lane and Bardstown Road.

It took two weeks, but police found the men and took them by complete surprise.

“Part of the preliminary investigation, we determined they had headed to the Chicago area. And then through further investigative techniques, we came upon them in Indianapolis,” said Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Brian Parrish.

With a task force made up of the U.S. Marshals and sheriff’s office, the LMPD, Kentucky State Police and officers across the nation, the manhunt for Kingdon and Keehn came to an end.

With information on a specific residence, marshals stormed their hideout in Indianapolis and took the suspects by surprise.

“They were actually engaged in a game of dominos when police made entry,” said Parrirsh.

Police said the two surrendered without a fuss,

On July 23, the two brothers boarded a TARC bus with the intent to confront Robinson, police said.

TARC surveillance video captured the point-blank shooting of Robinson in the head and the suspects fleeing the bus.

“We took this case very seriously because it was an assault on our public transportation system,” said Parrish.

With that violence on a public bus, Kingdon and Keehn posed a huge risk.

Parrish said several hundred hours went into tracking the fugitives, and their capture means a safer community.

“We all live in this community and people need to feel safe and secure on the public transportation system,” said Parrish.

Now it’s up to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, their detectives and the extradition laws to determine when the men will be coming back to Louisville to face their charges.

Prosecutors said if all goes well with extradition procedures, Kingdon and Keehn could be back in Louisville later this week.

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